Daikon Radish Stuffed Flatbread/Mooli Paratha

sobota, 25 stycznia 2014

Daikon Radish Stuffed Flatbread/Mooli Paratha

Time: 55 mins


  • 2 cups wheat flour, add to this
  • salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon jeera powder (cuminseed)
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • water, from the grated radish,for kneading the dough (will be explained below)


  • 1 Make up the dough using the water (as much as you need from the radish) Discard any left over water.
  • 2 Leave the dough covered in a warm place to rest for half an hour.
  • 3 Add salt to the grated radish.
  • 4 After 15 mins squeeze out more water and discard this.
  • 5 Then to the dry grated radish add the rest of the filling mix.
  • 6 now make small balls of the dough a little bigger than an egg.
  • 7 Flatten them out, dip in dry flour and roll them out using a rolling pin to a teacup saucer size.
  • 8 Make smaller balls of the filling mix about the size of an egg yolk and place each filling ball in the center of the dough soucer.
  • 9 Gather the rest of the dough around it so that the dough complety covers the filling.
  • 10 Dip it in dry flour and roll it out again theis time bigger than a saucer.
  • 11 Heat a tsp of oil in the frying pan.
  • 12 Add the bread and shallow fry on each side until brown spots appear.

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